SUW Structure & Architecture

Qual è la struttura che connette il granchio con l’aragosta, l’orchidea con la primula e tutti quattro con me? E me con voi? E tutti noi con l’ameba da una parte e lo schizofrenico dall’altra? Gregory Bateson, Mente e natura – Foto FC – Tutti i diritti riservati


Can we make it? Inside*


Can we make it? –


Can we make it ? +


Can we make it? Outside*

** Always to remember: What’s happens, feel and fear Outside is the same of Inside. And reverse.



Nothing more …” than a continued growth to improve myself, my approach to life, to work and to professional qualifications.
With too many mistake, since 2013.

– This is what has happened (and happens today, yep!) since I’ve left college,

– I felt no so good with my body [unfortunately]

– and what I am today. After a long solitary road, full of loneliness.

– with a phonecall in my hands.